Meet Hadley

Hadley founded Bonne Nuit Baby in 2016 to demystify sleep and help families get more of it.

She became a sleep consultant after hiring one to help with her toddler’s sleep. The experience was so transformative that she wanted to spread the magical goodness to other families. Not only was she no longer waking up at 5am, but she felt like she was in control of the sleep situation… not the other way around. 

Since then, Hadley has worked with hundreds of families around the world to get the sleep situation under control. She has been featured on websites such as The Wall Street Journal, Motherly and Mommy Shorts

She lives in New York City with her husband and their 1- and 5-year old, both of whom have drool-worthy curls.  She has her BA from Smith College. Follow her adventures and her kids’ hair on Instagram.