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We’re pediatric sleep consultants with over 250 hours of training from the Family Sleep Institute, thousands of hours spent working with families, and millions of hours troubleshooting of our own kids’ sleep.

We’re here to help you create long-term sleep solutions that work for your family. (Most of our clients see significant results within a week or two!) Along the way, we provide encouragement, support and troubleshooting on a daily basis. By the end, we’ll be BFFs and your family will be getting more sleep.




Meet Hadley


A few random facts about Hadley:

Favorite TV Show: The Handmaid’s Tale

Desert Island must-haves: A good book, an unlimited supply of avocados and dry shampoo

Favorite pick-me-up: Sea Salt & Popcorn Latte with oatmilk

Top mom hack: Bath time is 100% optional


Hadley founded Bonne Nuit Baby in 2016 to demystify sleep and help families get more of it.

She became a sleep consultant after hiring one to help with her toddler’s sleep. The experience was so transformative that she wanted to spread the magical goodness to other families. Not only was she no longer waking up at 5am, but she felt like she was in control of the sleep situation… not the other way around. 

Since then, Hadley has worked with hundreds of families around the world to get the sleep situation under control. She has been featured on websites such as The Wall Street Journal, Motherly and Mommy Shorts

She lives in New York City with her husband and their 1- and 5-year old, both of whom have drool-worthy curls.  She has her BA from Smith College.


Meet the Team


Meet Leigh


A few random facts about Leigh:

Favorite TV Show: Veronica Mars

Desert Island must-haves: Kindle, coffee maker and a yoga mat

Favorite pick-me-up: Iced double Americano, light ice with a splash of almond milk

Top mom hack: Snacks in every purse

Leigh joined BNB in 2018 to help other families get the rest they need to enjoy parenthood.

She used a sleep consultant for both her kids when they were infants and realized how important sleep is for families as a whole.

Once she started getting more sleep, she stopped putting her keys in the fridge and started enjoying being a mom again. She knew how to adjust when developmental milestones hit, when her kiddos got a cold or when travel caused changes in routine. 

Since joining BNB, Leigh has made it her mission to help other families get the rest they need to enjoy parenthood, function well at work and cut down on the trips to the coffee shop. She has been featured on websites such at Motherly and Lucie’s List

She lives in Denver, Colorado in a boy-centric household with her husband, boy dog and two sons. She majored in Child Development and Psychology at Tufts University and has a J.D. from the University of Denver College of Law.   


Meet Molly


A few random facts about Molly:

Favorite TV Show: Big Little Lies

Desert Island must-haves: Chapstick, Diet Coke and a variety of music

Favorite pick-me-up: Soy latte

Top mom hack: Take Play-Doh: avoid restaurant meltdowns and have a glass of wine in peace

Molly joined Bonne Nuit Baby in 2019 to help families feel successful when it comes to sleep.

After sleep training her own baby and helping many friends along the way, she decided to expand her hobby so she could other families feel successful when it comes to sleep.

She loves working with children of all ages and especially enjoys the relationships she builds with the parents. Laughing is a huge part of the process: and she believes no matter the obstacle, she can find something to laugh about.

Molly is a Kindergarten teacher and lives in the Washington, D.C. area with her husband, 2-year-old daughter and sweet pup, Elphie. She has master's in early childhood education from American University.


With us, you're in good hands

Bonne Nuit Baby consultants are certified by the Family Sleep Institute (with over 250 hours of training) and are members of the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants (IACSC).


In addition, we regularly complete professional development trainings, including:

  • The Safe Sleep Initiative: Current Research Findings and Safe Product Use

  • Lactation Management Basics

  • Reducing the Risk of SIDS in Early Education and Daycare

  • Depression and Anxiety in the Perinatal Period 

  • Early Brain and Child Development: Challenging Behavior in Preschoolers

  • Child Care and Sleep Safety

  • Babies in Mind: Why the Parent’s Mind Matters

  • Common Breastfeeding Myths as Applied to Sleep

  • Managing Perinatal Depression

  • Nourishing Children Effectively


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