Baby's Sleep Schedule at 9 Months

Nine-month old babies are a delight to be around: their increased mobility and early language acquisition mean that they can explore the world around them and express themselves more than ever. Eighty percent of babies this age are sleeping through the night (yay!) and most have transitioned to two naps.

The many developmental milestones around this age are exciting to watch but can also lead to disrupted sleep, as your little one may choose to practice his newfound skills when he should be snoozing. While it’s normal for sleep to get a little wonky around this age, putting your baby on an age-appropriate sleep schedule can help to avoid a full-blown sleep regression. For the below schedule, it’s best that your baby naps in his crib in a quiet, dark room for naps and overnight.

*This schedule assumes that your baby is awake by 7am and that the last afternoon nap ends by 4pm.

All babies are different. If yours is unable to self-soothe between sleep cycles–resulting in short naps (<1h) or overnight wakings, then you may need to consider additional interventions. If your little one wakes early in the morning or takes short naps, the schedule will need to be adjusted.  Feel free to reach out to schedule a consultation for a custom-made sleep plan.

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