7 Ways to Get Your Kids to Settle Down at Bedtime

Most kids go a little crazy before bedtime. Whether it’s because they’re overtired/overstimulated or have a serious case of FOMO, the result is the same: barely controlled chaos.

Transition can be difficult for kids. Going from an action-packed day to lights out can seem frustrating and confusing. Enter the bedtime routine: a series of predictable events to cue the brain that it’s almost time for lights out. Think of it as the nighttime equivalent of the 10-minute warning you give when it’s almost time to leave a fun birthday party.

Many parents think they are supposed to create a despotic routine all on their own, but I always recommend getting your little one’s input. What does your child want the end of the day to look like? What do you want it to look like? The answer to your perfect bedtime routine lies somewhere in between. (If you want some inspiration and/or back-up support, I love the book When It’s Time For Bed, I Have A Plan.)

Your bedtime routine can (and should!) involve some activities designed to help your child’s body and mind wind down. Most parents read their children a book before bed, but if that isn’t enough to get your kids to relax, here are few of my favorite hacks to ensure a peaceful end of the day. (Bonus: All of these hacks work equally well for adults who struggle to fall or stay asleep!)

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