The Big Kid Sleep Solution

Stop second-guessing. Start sleeping.

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 Big kids are supposed to sleep through the night, right!?

You expected that the first few months with a newborn would be survival of the fittest. And it was. As were years 1 and 2.

  • And yet here you are. Still not sleeping.

  • You may have lost control over sleep in your house.

  • Or bedtime could be an epic battle, one that you usually lose.

  • Or your kiddo could be refusing to stay in bed after lights out, or could be coming to join you in yours in the middle of the night.

  • Or they are still waking overnight or at 5am.

Big kid sleep problems are different, and so are the solutions.

You’re probably wondering how you got here. And if it can ever change.

It can. It’s not too late. And we promise, you’re not alone.

Let’s reset your big kid’s sleep routine with solid solutions and get your family back on track.


Welcome to the Big Kid Sleep Solution Masterclass

I’m Leigh. 
A pediatric sleep consultant.
The mom of two big kids. 
And I too have been where you are at this moment.


We’ve created The Big Kid Sleep Solution Masterclass to take you from hopeless and exhausted to confident and rested.

Over the course of the 90-minute masterclass, you’ll learn how to:

  • Design a calm and quiet bedtime routine that works for your family

  • Teach your big kid to feel secure and confident about sleeping through the night

  • Help everyone get the sleep they need.

  • Stop second-guessing yourself and feel confident that you can troubleshoot your kiddo’s sleep

… And, let’s be honest, the real reason you’re here is that you’ve had enough. You’re done. And you want your bed back. 

Let’s make that happen.

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The next masterclass will be held in October 2019

Cost: $50
To maximize your investment, the masterclass is limited to 15 participants


After working one-on-one with countless moms just like you —

I designed this masterclass for parents of 3-5 year olds who are ready for more sleep.

By the end, you can get your big kid sleeping well again and reclaim your evenings of Netflix bingeing. Oh, and you too can sleep through the night.

This masterclass is for you if:
  • Your big kid isn’t sleeping through the night.

  • Your bedtime routine takes forever.

  • You’ve experimented with everything but nothing has worked.

  • You have a child sleeping in your bed...or you’re sleeping in theirs.

  • You’re worried that none of this can be fixed at this point.

 You’re not alone. Every single client we’ve worked with has gone through all of this! It’s a big, confusing world of sleep advice out there and it’s hard to know what will work for your kiddo.


To set you up for sleep success, The Big Kid Sleep Solution includes:

  • 90 minutes of advice, insight and guidance from me, your resident sleep consultant, where you’ll learn techniques and specific steps to teach your big kid how to sleep well.

  • Dedicated Q&A time for you and your fellow exhausted parents.

  • A link to the recording plus sample sleep schedules and product recommendations to optimize sleep.


From a mama of a 3-year-old:

“Our daughter was going to bed between 9:00-10:30pm every night. Now she is consistently asleep by 7:30. Our bedtime routine has been cut down from 1-2 hours of negotiating, delaying, renegotiating to a quick 15-20 minute routine. The best part about this really is the time that my husband and I now have together in the evenings. #gamechanger”

The next Big Kid Sleep Solution Masterclass will be held in October 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

+ Will there be crying? How much? How long will my child cry?

Yes, there will be crying. Any big change in your child’s small world is hard. Crying is protesting and that’s normal. Our sleep solutions empower you and your child to get the rest they need to grow and learn and thrive and the rest you need to function at work and be the best parent you can and to also thrive, not just survive. Healthy and independent sleep is the best foundation for growing kids--the tears are for the greater good for you all!

+ I’ve heard that you all suggest an earlier bedtime. What if that is impossible in my house?

Every household operates on a different schedule. Yes, we suggest earlier bedtimes for big kids (most are going to bed too late) at least until they’re used to the new routine and sleeping well. Might you have to skip a birthday party or family gathering while getting to your new normal? Yes, you might. But it will be worth it. Turn your FOMO into JOMO and relish your well-rested child!

+ Will this actually work? We haven’t slept through the night in 4 years.

If you can consistently implement the plan, then it will work.