The Baby Sleep Solution

Your one-stop sleep solution for babies 4-12 months


 Ahh, new motherhood. 

The cuddles. The memories. The unrivaled sleep deprivation.

The first few months of your lovable baby’s life are filled with the mind-numbing repetition of feedings, diaper changes, overnight Amazon purchases and sleeping…or not.

Your previously organized life devolves into barely controlled chaos. (But your mom topknot skills have vastly improved!)

Baby books. Facebook mom groups. Sleep blogs. You’ve read them all! You make some progress on eating and sleeping and you begin to think “Hey! Maybe I finally got this!”

Enter the 4-month sleep regression.
This is when the sh*t hits the fan.

All of the carefully-crafted strategies that you worked so hard to put in place don’t work anymore? This can’t be real! Almost overnight, even the most confident mama can be reduced to a puddle of defeated tears.


Here’s the deal:
What happens at 4 months isn’t a sleep regression, it’s a wake-up call.


Your baby’s sleep has matured and she needs something new from you. It’s on us to adapt our methods to set our babies up for sleep success (and get a full night’s sleep ourselves).

So let’s work with our baby’s new rhythms, not against them.


Before we go any further, let me introduce myself!

I’m Hadley. 
A pediatric sleep consultant. 
A mom of two. 
And I’m in your corner.

I’ve been where you are right now. I know that you probably feel like you’ve tried everything but nothing is working. Trust me, we can find a solution.


I’ve created The Baby Sleep Solution, a virtual masterclass, to take you and baby from overwhelmed and exhausted to rested and confident.

Over the course of the 90-minute masterclass, you’ll learn how to:

  • Have your baby in bed, asleep, by 7pm

  • Transition your baby to a 2- or 3-nap schedule that allows you to plan your life

  • Help your baby sleep 11-12 hours overnight within a few weeks

  • Gradually end nighttime feeds once you and your baby are both ready

  • Stop second-guessing yourself and feel confident that you can troubleshoot your baby’s sleep

… And, let’s be honest, the real reason you’re here is to GET MORE SLEEP. Everyone in your household is sleep-deprived right now. Let’s change that.


The next masterclass will be held in November 2019

Cost: $50
To maximize your investment, the masterclass is limited to 15 participants


After working one-on-one with countless moms just like you —

I designed this masterclass for mamas of babies 4 – 12 months who are ready for more sleep.

There’s no shame if you have an 11-month-old who has never been a good sleeper–let’s work on that.

This masterclass is for you if:
  • Your baby is currently going through the 4-month regression and you feel confused and helpless

  • You have an older baby who never recovered from the 4-month-regression and is now facing the next one

  • You’ve experimented with everything but nothing has worked

  • You’ve tried to sleep train but it didn’t “stick”

  • You’ve been waiting it out, waiting one more week… and then another… hoping that your baby’s sleep will magically fix itself

  • You’re worried that you’ll never sleep again

 You’re not alone. Every single client we’ve worked with has gone through all of this! It’s a big, confusing world of sleep advice out there and it’s hard to know what will work for your baby.


To set you up for sleep success, The Baby Sleep Solution includes:

  • 60 minutes of live video expertise from moi, your resident sleep consultant, where you’ll learn step-by-step how to teach your baby to sleep

  • 30 minutes of dedicated Q&A time with you and your classmates

  • A link to the recording plus sample sleep schedules and product recommendations to optimize sleep


… “Hold up, Hadley. A solution in 90 minutes?  No way. I’ve tried everything.”

I hear you. But you haven’t tried this.  This masterclass uses the same proven methods that we use every day with our private clients, leading to naps in the crib, “seriously, it’s that easy?!” bedtime routines, and long stretches of overnight sleep.

The next Baby Sleep Solution Masterclass will be held in November 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

+ Is this workshop only for babies who are 4-5 months old?

No! Absolutely not. The workshop is designed to help babies ages 4-12 months improve their sleep. Have an older baby? Reach out to us for one-on-one support.

+ I'm not cool with any form of sleep training. Can I still benefit from this workshop?

Sure. During the workshop, we’ll walk through how to optimize your baby’s sleep schedule, sleep environment and sleep routines in order to help them to get the sleep they need. That being said, if your baby cannot fall asleep independently by 4 months, then you likely need to do some form of sleep training if you want to see longer naps or more consolidated overnights. We’ll discuss various methods to suit different parenting styles–it’s not CIO or bust.

+ My baby isn't ready to drop overnight feeds. Will your approach still work?

We totally get that some babies, especially those who are 4-5 months, aren’t quite ready to drop all feeds. That’s okay! During the workshop, we’ll discuss how to determine with your pediatrician how many overnight feeds are needed and how to adjust your approach overnight if you want to keep 1-2 in. That being said, if your 4mo+ baby is currently eating 4-5 times overnight and you don’t want that to change, then this isn’t the best approach for you.

+ My life is insane right now. How much time will this take?

We highly suggest setting aside two weeks when you can be as consistent as possible when it comes to naps at home and sticking to the recommended sleep schedule. Obviously, life happens and things come up so we’ll also discuss how to troubleshoot on days when things go unexpectedly awry.