“We struggled with sleep with our first child for almost a year. With our second baby, we brought in the experts at Bonne Nuit Baby and could not be happier with the results. Our little one now gets the sleep she needs on a predictable schedule. More parental rest means we have more energy and emotional availability for our kids and each other. We feel like we have our lives back! Thank you!!”
— Kristen, mom of a 4-month-old (Denver)
My husband scolded me for the amount of times I rolled my eyes on our first video call. None of this will work, she doesn’t know my kid, these ideas are ridiculous and just will not work with our baby. Welp. I’m now eating my words (and my eye rolls). Everything Molly had us do was successful. I actually couldn’t believe how QUICKLY it worked. I felt like on Day 3 we were already miles ahead of where we had been. It used to take us an hour to an hour and 45 minutes to put our kid down for a nap or to sleep at night. We now have it done in less than 120 seconds. Every. Single. Time. This is a wonderful service and I wish more people would invest in it. I feel like a whole new person and I feel well equipped to deal with any other regressions that come our way.
— Katy, mom of an 8-month-old (San Francisco)
My husband and I had not had a full nights sleep in over a year. Our three-year-old daughter was sneaking into our bed every-single-night. Finally we decided that enough was enough and reached out for recommendations on Facebook. That is where we met Leigh. Honestly, this is the best money I have spent in years!! Our daughter was going to bed between 9:00 and 10:30every night. After Leigh’s 14 day plan she consistently is asleep by 7:30. Our bedtime routine has been cut down from an hour or two of negotiating, delaying, renegotiating to a quick 15-20 minute routine. The best part about this really is the time that my husband and I now have together in the evenings. #gamechanger
— Kristen, mom of a 3-year-old (Denver)
Our experience working with Hadley was absolutely wonderful. She helped us navigate the challenges of sleep training our 4 month old by providing direction as well as constant support and encouragement throughout the day. Specifically, our baby learned how to put himself to sleep for bedtime and naps and self soothe during evening awakenings, which was MAJOR. Most importantly, our baby is now getting the rest he needs. Thank you Bonne Nuit Baby!
— Kristen, mom of a 5-month-old (NYC)
Hadley changed our lives. I was on the verge of losing my mind due to my baby’s terrible sleeping, and was a prisoner to the baby carrier. With Hadley’s help, our baby now does all sleeping in his crib and I have my sanity back as well as feeling good about baby getting restorative, healthy, and safe sleep.
— Cheryl, mom of a 4-month-old (New Jersey)
We are so grateful that our doula connected us with Hadley – she is an incredible guide, resource, source of support, and cheerleader throughout the process. She transformed Isaac’s sleep habits overnight, and gave us the confidence we needed to train an excellent little sleeper.
— Namaah, mom of a 4-month-old (Baltimore)
I found Hadley’s support and guidance enormously helpful. She gave me the confidence not to second guess my decision making when it came to sleep training and was incredibly flexible and adaptable to our needs. We started sleep training right after a big move and my going back to work; she completely understood the challenges we were facing and gracefully guided us through them. My son is now sleeping through the night and I feel that I have plenty of tools in my toolkit to address any sleep challenges we face in the future.
— Monika, mom of a 5-month-old (NYC)
Hadley was critical in bringing sleep back into our household! My husband and I are finally sleeping again, but also, our son is getting the restorative sleep he needs for his development. Hadley held us accountable and gave clearly defined guidelines for getting through the process. I would highly recommend using her services and wish we had started sooner!
— Lauren, mom of a 4-month-old (NYC)
My 3.5yo had significant behavioral issues at bedtime for over a year since transitioning to a bed. Leigh was very helpful in getting us significant improvements with going to bed, sleeping through the night and sleeping until an adequate time—and it has only been two weeks! I felt good about Leigh’s plan from the start and she was very available and supportive throughout. She encouraged me and gave me helpful advice how to handle different scenarios. I am thankful we crossed paths! My daughter is already doing much better and I know by continuing to follow Leigh’s plan my daughter’s sleep will continue to improve in the coming weeks.
— Lisa, mom of a 3-year-old (NYC)
Hadley has been an absolutely amazing support to us. Helpful, responsive, adaptive, accommodating and above all – very effective. We struggled with our little guy’s sleep for a long a time and Hadley helped us turn it all around in no time. Couldn’t recommend her more.
— Leen, mom of a 3-year-old (Dubai)
Working with Leigh was such a pleasure! She was professional, fantastic to communicate with, and supportive through the whole process. We really enjoyed working with her and hope our son’s sleep continues to improve!
— Sara, mom of a 7-month-old (Denver)
Loved working with Leigh! She was so patient and thorough in explaining the sleep training process and answering my (many) questions, and the results are incredible. Really appreciated her flexibility with when we started the program and adjustments we made to bed-time. Having my daughter fall asleep on her own and actually take decent length naps has been life changing!
— Cecilia, mom of a 10-month-old (NYC)
I did a ton of baby sleep research and felt fairly certain I could train my sleepless baby on my own. But I hired Hadley because I didn’t want to risk doing the wrong thing and needed someone to take out the guesswork. I’m so glad I did because she helped me feel confident that we were doing the right things for my baby. Now, he can self settle, his naps went from 30 minute to 1.5 hours, and we reduced his night wakes and feedings. Couldn’t have done it without Hadley!
— Sadia, mom of a 4-month-old (NYC)
When we first started working together, my 5.5 month old was waking once to twice a night for feedings and was stuck in an endless cycle of four 30-minute naps each day. After three weeks, she sleeps for nearly 12 hours each night without a feeding and is extending her naps! Hadley’s guidance with nap extension, scheduling and night weaning was invaluable. I feel so much more confident about sleep. My skills and my daughter’s skills have grown by leaps and bounds. Thank you for your patience and persistence!
— Sara, mom of a 5-month-old (NYC)
The night before we started working with Hadley, my daughter woke up to eat 5 times in the middle of the night – I was exhausted! After two weeks of working with Hadley, we’ve gone from Hannah sleeping in my bed (and dictating my bedtime at night) and rarely napping for more than 45 minutes to fantastic naps and sleeping in her crib all night. Her naps are on a predictable schedule and much longer (and more restorative for her) and she goes down most nights without even fussing. I’m able to have my evenings back and sleep more comfortably in my bed without a squirming baby. We’re both better rested and you can tell the difference in her attitude during the day.
— Ashley, mom of a 5-month-old (Denver)
Hadley was worth every penny! With a second child, we thought we knew what to do when it came to overnights, but we were so very wrong. Hadley gave us a plan and support to recover from the sleep deficit and get everyone back on track. We couldn’t recommend her more!
— Shoshana, mom of a 5-month-old (Virginia)
Our daughter was never a great sleeper and at 6 months, both her nighttime and daytime sleep was getting worse–not better. Feeling desperate, my husband and I decided it was time to try sleep training on our own. But with all of the information out there, theories, sleep training books, websites, etc., we quickly felt overwhelmed and started second guessing every decision we made. Hadley gave us a clear plan to follow, and better yet, she gave us the reassurance and confidence we needed to help our daughter achieve better sleep. We are truly grateful for Hadley, as she empowered us and calmed our first-time parent fears. Thank you so much!
— Brittany, mom of a 7-month old (Paris)
As first time parents, we don’t know much— but we know sleep is vital for a child’s growth and development and so when our 4 month old rejected it at all costs, we were at a loss for how to make him sleep more and how to improve the quality of his sleep. Then Hadley came along!
In the span of less than two weeks she had our baby sleeping a minimum of 10 hours at night and taking 3-4 naps daily. She not only restored our faith as parents, but she gave our son something much more valuable: the ability to self-soothe and the freedom to enjoy his sleep. It’s a skill that will carry him through his life and we will be sure he knows Hadley made it happen!
— Teresa, mom of a 4-month old (NYC)
Reaching out to Hadley was the best decision we could have made for our son and for ourselves! Before working with her, our 3.5 month old woke hourly overnight, was fed to sleep, and took all naps in the baby carrier. After just a couple of weeks being supported by Hadley, he was waking once to twice overnight due to genuine hunger, could fall asleep on his own for all naps and at bedtime, and took naps in his crib. We got our evenings back, are able to get things done during the day, and most importantly, we are all getting the sleep that we need! Bed- and nap times are no longer stressful, and we’re able to genuinely enjoy our time with our son during the day since we’re no longer exhausted.
Hadley provided us with realistic solutions that were tailored to our needs; she listened to us and took the time to understand our specific situation. Her continuous support (day and night!) made the process so much easier – we definitely couldn’t have done it without her!
— Laura, mom of a 3-month old (Paris)
I reached out to Hadley because my daughter was waking up multiple times overnight and not taking very long naps. Throughout our work together, Hadley had flexible responses to different issues and always found creative solutions if the situation wasn’t black-and-white. I really liked having the online sleep log so that she could give feedback on sleep patterns and answer questions in real time. Today, my daughter follows a more structured sleep schedule and is able to self-soothe. I feel like I have more tools to make decisions about what is best for my daughter and for her sleep. Overall, I feel more confident and she is much happier.
— Lisa, mom of an 11-month old (North Carolina)
We definitely had apprehension about sleep training and concerns about a one-size-fits-all approach. Hadley took the time to understand our baby’s sleep issues, educate us on the different suggested methods and design a plan that we were all comfortable with. It wasn’t an easy 2 weeks! But her support, responsiveness and professional advice were indispensable.
— Elyse, mom of a 6-month old (Denver)
At 7 months old, our baby was waking 3+ times each night and only taking 30 minute naps. We finally admitted to ourselves that we had a big sleep problem and that our baby was not just going to ‘grow out of it’. Hadley helped us pull our life back together. She empowered us to make the right decisions by providing us with a clear and actionable baby sleep plan and supported us along the way. Within two weeks, our baby was taking 1 hour+ naps and only waking up once—if at all—during the night. We could not be more pleased with the changes and are all infinitely happier and more rested.
— Helena, mom of a 7-month old (London)
Hadley is a baby whisperer! I never would have thought of a baby sleep coach but she gave me info and insights no book ever did and now our daughter is a happy healthy sleeper!
— Tori, mom of a 10-month old (Washington, DC)
Hadley added some much needed order into our disordered lives. I contacted her because our 6-month-old twins boys needed some consistency with their day naps and evening routine. Hadley gave us a simple to follow, age-appropriate routine along with clear instructions on what to do. Within a week the boys had consistent nap times and a stress-free bedtime routine which meant I could plan my outings and get through my ‘to do’ list. The result was more rested babies and happy parents with a lot more time on their hands — can’t get much better than that!
— Rebecca, mom of a 6-month-old twins (Lyon)
After working with Hadley, my 5-month-old daughter regularly sleeps from 7pm until 6am and almost always puts herself to sleep within 10 minutes. Hadley was very straightforward with feedback and was always available!
— Nicole, mom of a 5-month old (Denver)
I’m no longer second-guessing what’s wrong with my baby — he’s now able to fall asleep without nursing and settle himself back to sleep. He’s sleeping longer stretches at night and napping really well, two things I never thought were possible! As a family we’re sleeping more and are more relaxed and happy. Hadley was always happy to answer my questions, no matter how silly or if she had already covered them. She was always super speedy with feedback on the sleep log, which I found very useful to monitor progress of my son’s sleeping schedule.
— Yogna, mom of a 6-month old (London)
Our entire household is happier and more rested because of Hadley! We’re finally able to resume normal life after the roller-coaster of having a baby who woke 3-4 times a night and had to be rocked/walked/cuddled back to sleep. My daughter is now such an independent sleeper that she jumps into bed as we sing her her bedtime lullaby. Hadley’s detailed sleep log made it possible for us to communicate and share all the important information, and the time difference made it possible for her to coach me through the toughest 3am wakings. Always professional and with great solutions up her sleeve, it was a pleasure working with Hadley!
— Noor, mom of a 9-month old (Qatar)
The decision to contact Hadley was life-changing and one of the best things we have done for our daughter so far.
When we contacted Hadley our daughter’s sleep was inconsistent. She was falling asleep next to one of us, waking up number of times during the night and her daily naps were very irregular. We had no rest during the day, very little sleep during the night and were exhausted.
Hadley prepared a very easy-to-follow sleep plan. After the first 3 days, our daughter started to fall asleep within couple of minutes without crying and without her pacifier. She is not waking up during the night and is well rested and happy in the morning.
Working with Hadley was a pleasure. She is very professional, helpful and her gentle approach made us confident that the decision of taking part in this experience was a good one. We fully recommend her as a sleeping consultant.
— Aleksandra, mom of a 16-month old (Lyon)
We hired Hadley because our son was waking early in the morning (having previously gone through) and he was splitting his lunchtime nap. Hadley created a nap schedule that corresponded with his needs and together we came up with a plan to help him sleep longer in the morning. A week later, my son has started to self-soothe in the night and sleep past the dreaded 5am mark and has gotten on to a great nap schedule in the day. I really appreciated the support from Hadley and, as a result, I feel much more confident troubleshooting his sleep moving forward. My baby is less cranky and I feel more rested given that I’m not getting up during the night. By the end of the week I felt like a new person and as though, with Hadley’s help, I had won a medal. I was almost bouncing around my kitchen because we had all slept!
— Victoria, mom of a 6-month old (London)
I appreciated Hadley’s consistent, non-critical approach. She has a relaxed yet confident attitude and encouraged my efforts every day. A month ago, my daughter was nursed to sleep at bedtime and held for naps. Today she can fall asleep on her own after being put in her crib awake. It’s incredible. In the evening, my husband and I are actually able to eat dinner at a pre-determined time! And now that she naps on her own I can try to accomplish something during the day. It’s amazing.
— Lisa, mom of a 5-month old (Chicago)
When I hired Hadley, my 5-month old was waking often overnight and needed to nurse back to sleep. I was worried about how sleep training would impact our family but Hadley and I went through all the options and came up with a plan that we felt comfortable with. After three weeks of working together, my son can now sleep independently in his crib and is waking a lot less at night. I have more time to myself and feel very confident troubleshooting his sleep schedule.
— Merrill, mom of a 5-month old (Texas)
My son has gone from waking 3 times per night to sleeping a full 12 hours overnight. Evenings are no longer a source of tension and stress; in fact, my husband and I can finally enjoy our time together. I really felt like Hadley was rooting for us every step of the way. During the initial consultation she told us that we were all capable of doing this, which motivated me throughout. She was there for us during the two weeks and always had great advice. It’s been as much a revolution for our son as it has for us!
— Zeva, mom of a 13-month old (Paris)
I reached out to Hadley because my daughter was waking up multiple times overnight and not taking very long naps. Throughout our work together, Hadley had flexible responses to different issues and always found creative solutions if the situation wasn’t black-and-white. I really liked having the online sleep log so that she could give feedback on sleep patterns and answer questions in real time. Today, my daughter follows a more structured sleep schedule and is able to self-soothe. I feel like I have more tools to make decisions about what is best for my daughter and for her sleep. Overall, I feel more confident and she is much happier.
— Lisa, mom of an 11-month old (North Carolina)
Our daughter wasn’t regularly sleeping through the night and needed a bottle (or a parent) in order to fall asleep for naps, at bedtime and overnight. Hadley sent a very clear and thorough sleep plan and was very responsive to any questions throughout the process. After a week of working together, my daughter now falls asleep without complaint and sleeps through the night. I’m much more confident adjusting her sleep schedule and, overall, feel more in control. Most importantly, she’s getting more sleep than before.
— Jenny, mom of a 17-month old (Massachusetts)
I called Hadley because my 4-month old son refused to sleep anywhere but our bed and was having difficulty self-soothing. After two weeks of working together, he now sleeps in his crib (day and night!) and has learned to fall back asleep between sleep cycles. He’s also developed a more consistent sleep schedule and his nighttime sleep is slowly improving. Hadley was very encouraging throughout the process and always responsive. I appreciated her friendly, comprehensive and non-judgmental approach.
— Stephanie, mom of a 4-month old (Avignon)
Working with Hadley was such a breath of fresh air. I had read all the sleep books and felt like I was an expert but I was still exasperated and scared of teaching my little one how to sleep. Hadley respected my obsessive sleep-reading and wrote a plan for us that really fit our temperament and our daughter’s personality. We were able to break our baby’s very strong nurse-sleep association in about a week which made it much easier for us to get a babysitter and have a dinner out! She has also been really helpful as we try to night wean. It’s great to feel like someone has your back and is with you in the struggle — the European hours are great for a 4am check in!
— Meredith, mom of a 5-month old (NYC)
Hadley is a lifesaver! Before meeting with her our little one would only fall asleep in our arms (naps, night time sleep…) and we knew we couldn’t do this anymore. Hadley was patient and knowledgeable, but most importantly, she listened to our needs as a family. She helped us get Colette on a schedule, and within a few days she was sleeping on her own in her OWN bed. We were so lucky to have Hadley’s help and she was always available to answer any questions/concerns we raised along the way.
— Emily, mom of an 8-month old (Lyon)
When Stella was born I didn’t want to go through the same sleepless nights that I had with my first baby. Hadley unpacked a strategy that worked with both our family and Stella’s own rhythm and within days she sleeping through the night. I was never a fan of letting my babies cry, but because we started early enough to shape her sleep, I never really had to. Winning all around! What’s more, I had the skills and confidence to get her back on track even when we were traveling, teething, or whatever!
— Kate, mom of a 5-month old (Paris)
I worked with Hadley to improve my daughter’s nap and to transition her to a crib. I tried myself to sort out these issues but I was lacking the support and confidence I needed and was very scared to upset Sarah. Hadley gave me the confidence to do what I believed would be the best for my little girl’s autonomy going forward, which resulted in an empowering and more restful way of life for me.
— Patricia, mom of a 20-month old (London)
Having Hadley as a nearly round-the-clock resource for questions was a tremendous relief after weeks of asking each other “What do we do now?” She was able to answer that query with confidence and straightforward options; she offered sound advice while always encouraging us to go with our instincts based on what we observed with our baby and what we were most comfortable with as parents.
— Avi & Rachel, parents of a 5-month old (NYC)
I read every book and article on baby sleep and I tried to go it alone, but nothing worked. Hadley gave us a simple, easy-to-follow plan that began showing results within a couple of days. What a difference a good night’s sleep has made for our whole family! I only wish I had contacted her sooner.
— Allison, mom of an 11-month old (North Carolina)
My husband and I want to express our sincere gratitude for how much Hadley has helped us! It’s amazing to see how easily our baby goes to sleep now (and stays asleep) and how much more rested we are ourselves as a result. Hadley’s support made me feel like we had someone rooting for us and removed the confusion I had about sleep training. Her responsiveness and clear explanations made what was (at first) a difficult transition into a calmer, more rewarding life with our baby.
— Tatiana, parents of a 6-month old Paris
After two weeks of working with Hadley, we have a well-rested, happy baby who can put himself to sleep during the day and at night and two very happy parents who have rediscovered their lives! Not only do I feel like I have emerged from my black hole of new mommy-hood back into my old self, I now feel like I have cracked the code of Oliver’s sleep and am now confident in putting him to sleep and providing him with what he needs to grow and develop into a healthy little boy.
— Sasha, parents of a 4-month old Singapore
Hadley is a lifesaver! She is such a great resource, coach and cheerleader. To be honest, most of the things that Hadley had me do to sleep train her were what I would had done from my research, but it was invaluable to have her as a sound board and cheerleader, especially because I would second-guess myself. She also helped me with the little adjustments for troubleshooting her nap time (her nighttime sleep was so much easier). It took almost the full 2 weeks to get her to nap, but at the end of it, she was napping twice a day and sleeping about 10 hours a night in her own crib. I could not have done it without Hadley’s help and highly recommend her to anyone who has baby sleep issues.
— Priscilla, parents of a 15-month old San Diego, CA
Two weeks ago, I was at my wits’ end. I didn’t know what to do with my son’s sleeping. He would wake up every 2-3 hours each night and only nap for 20 minutes, which meant I had a very tired, grumpy little boy. I desperately needed help. Hadley took into consideration my parenting style and the goals I wanted to achieve in the two weeks. The first couple of days were the hardest but I felt so supported by Hadley every step of the way. My experience was amazing and my son is now waking only once per night to eat and his naps are 1-1.5 hours each, all thanks to Hadley.
— Shelley, mom of a 9-month old Lyon, France
We are most grateful for Hadley’s knowledge about infant sleep and her expertise, which helped our 9 month old son to get enough sleep and us to experience a full night’s sleep again. Her support helped resolve moments of self-doubt and helped my husband and me become consistent with our baby’s routine and schedule.
Our son responded beautifully to the sleep plan, going from 3 -12 night awakenings per night to just one within the first few days! By the end of the first week, he consistently slept 12 hours with no night awakenings and has continued to do so for a month.
— Dacia, mom of a 9-month old Lyon, France
Hands down the best money I’ve ever spent!
— Stephanie, mom of a 14-month old Paris
We were amazed at how fast the girls learned to fall asleep on their own.
— Josephine, mom of 13-month old twins New York City
I now feel like I have more control of my evenings and nights again and am not a total zombie anymore.
— Kirsten, mom of 2-year old twins Chicago
We definitely had apprehension about sleep training and concerns about a one-size-fits-all approach. They took the time to understand our baby’s sleep issues, educate us on the different suggested methods and design a plan that we were all comfortable with.
— Elyse, mom of a 6-month old Denver
My husband and I both agree working with you was one of the best parenting decisions we’ve made in a while
— hilary,Mom of a 12mo, NYC