I want more sleep because
We’re all exhausted. Lattes only do so much. Motherhood is a marathon. I miss the old me. I can’t mother without it.


If you're here, you're tired.

Not your standard level of tired, but an “I’m adding coffee to my coffee” tired.

We’ve been there. We get it.

You’ve probably read the books, scoured the mom blogs, and asked your friends what worked for them. (Or maybe you don’t even have the energy to do any of that). But your child still isn’t sleeping, and neither are you.

We’re here to save your sleep and your sanity.


Within a few weeks, we can radically transform your kiddo’s sleep.

The result? A child who is well-rested and parents who can once again enjoy a Netflix binge-fest after your child is in bed. #winwin


 Our Packages


Sleep Overhaul

for kiddos 4 months - 5 years old

Our signature package combines sleep expertise with ongoing support to keep you on track. 

We use a three-pronged approach: analyze your child’s sleep challenges, create a detailed plan and support you daily while sleep starts to improve. We work with most families for 1-2 weeks. Every child and every family is different, so we will determine the amount of time needed.

  • One-hour virtual consultation

  • Custom sleep plan with easier-than-frozen-pizza instructions that even the most exhausted parent can follow 

  • Daily support via online sleep log, text messaging and email

  • Wrap-up call


$425 - $575 with Hadley

$325 - $475 with Leigh and Molly


Newborn Support

for babies 0-3 months or expecting parents

Life with a newborn is equal parts amazing and exhausting. We’ll walk you through what sleep looks like during the fourth trimester and answer all of your questions. (We bet you have a bunch!)

Learn when you should be doing what--and how to set your infant up for sleep success in the future.

  • One-hour virtual consultation

  • Safe sleep education and assessment of sleep space

  • Detailed notes emailed to you after the call

Cost: $150


We offer in-home consultations on a limited basis in the New York City, Denver and Washington, D.C. metro areas for an additional fee.


Three Steps to
Better Sleep

  • More sleep for everyone. Full stop. That’s why you’re here, right!? 

  • Find a long-term solution. We’re not interested in a quick fix. Instead, we’ll create a long-lasting strategy specifically tailored to your family.

  • Know what to expect 98% of the time. We’re moms too: we know that life sometimes gets in the way. We’ll fill your toolbox with tips and tricks to troubleshoot sleep after we’re done working together. (But we’ll still be there if you need us!)


Step 1. Book a call

Book a discovery call so we can get to know each other.


Step 2. Create a Plan

Schedule a one-hour virtual consultation to analyze your unique sleep challenges and receive your custom sleep plan.


Step 3. Start Sleeping

Implement the plan with step-by-step instructions and our daily support.


Frequently Asked Questions

+ How much crying typically happens during sleep training?

Every child is different. Typically the first few nights are the most difficult and then we start to see rapid improvement, first with overnights and then with naps. However, the rate of progress is 100% dependent on the child’s temperament, the parent’s consistency in implementing the sleep plan, and the sleep training method chosen. During the consultation, we’ll talk at length about the various methods that are appropriate for your child so that you can choose one with which you feel comfortable and that suits your baby’s temperament. It’s not CIO or bust, but there will be some tears. Initially your child won’t like the changes and will protest–and usually babies protest change by crying.

+ My baby isn’t ready to drop all overnight feeds. Can we still sleep train?

We totally get that some babies, especially those who are 4-6 months, aren’t quite ready to drop all feeds. That’s okay! With your pediatrician’s input, we will determine how many overnight feeds are needed and how to customize your sleep training approach if you want to keep a feed or two. That being said, if your older baby is waking multiple times overnight to eat, we’ll likely need to eliminate some of those so they can get the consolidated nighttime sleep that she needs.

+ I don’t live in NYC, Denver, or DC. Can we still work together?

Absolutely! We work with clients throughout the US and around the world. We’re quite comfortable working virtually with families and juggling multiple time zones. We regularly work with clients in France, the UK, Switzerland Ireland, the UAE, and parts of Africa and Asia.

+ I’m a DIY parent and don’t need any follow-up support. Can we still work together?

Absolutely! We offer one-hour virtual consultations. Contact us to set one up.

+ Do you work with more than one child? What about twins?

Yes and yes! If you have multiple children who need some sleep TLC, we can do that! Some families prefer to work with one child at a time, while others prefer to work with both children at the same time. Email us for pricing for working with children of different ages at the same time. And we LOVE twins! In fact, we love them so much that there’s no additional charge for twins versus singletons.