Since founding Bonne Nuit Baby, I’ve had the pleasure of working with amazing parents — it’s one of my favorite parts of my job. These families allow me into their lives as we work together to tackle their child’s sleep–I’m honored by the faith and trust they put into me and inspired by the fact that they never lose their sense of humor throughout! Here are some of their stories.


  • Working with Hadley was such a breath of fresh air. I had read all the sleep books and felt like I was an expert but I was still exasperated and scared of teaching my little one how to sleep. Hadley respected my obsessive sleep-reading and wrote a plan for us that really fit our temperament and our daughter’s personality. We were able to break our baby’s very strong nurse-sleep association in about a week which made it much easier for us to get a babysitter and have a dinner out! She has also been really helpful as we try to night wean. It’s great to feel like someone has your back and is with you in the struggle — the European hours are great for a 4am check in!

    Meredith, mom of a 6-month old
    New York City
  • Working with Hadley has been life-changing, period. After months of nursing our son to sleep for up to an hour at bedtime, with up to three overnight feeds, we were open-minded and ready. Hadley gave us the confidence to commit to subtle changes that we had tried sporadically in the past, but never saw through long-term. These strategies and tools are priceless. During the two week process, he learned to self-settle, waking only shortly on certain nights and even sleeping through during 5 whole nights. The second week, I traveled without my son for the first time ever and it was a big success, with Hadley cheering my husband on throughout. We’re grateful that Hadley has been able to guide us in such a positive way.!

    Katie, mom of an 8-month old
  • I reached out to Hadley because our son wasn’t able to fall asleep on his own and was waking up often at night. I was anxious that sleep training would cause him a great deal of distress which, in the end, it didn’t. Hadley’s regular updates and guidance were amazing. As I gained confidence over the two weeks, she began to give me space to make my own decisions, which I appreciated. Today, my baby no longer feeds to sleep and can fall asleep independently at nap time and bedtime. Hadley’s support and reassurance were key to our success — it’s been life changing!

    Celia, mom of a 5-month old


  • Hands down the best money I’ve ever spent! My daughter had developed some unhealthy sleep habits and at 15 months we were at our wits end. I am happy to say that my child is a completely different sleeper now!

    My primary goals were to get my daughter down without her having a massive crying fit and to sleep in her crib. In two weeks, both of these goals were accomplished and a month later they are still going strong. She goes down with ease and sleeps in her crib all night.

    Stephanie, mom of a 14-month old
  • My son has gone from waking 3 times per night to sleeping a full 12 hours overnight. Evenings are no longer a source of tension and stress; in fact, my husband and I can finally enjoy our time together. I really felt like Hadley was rooting for us every step of the way. During the initial consultation she told us that we were all capable of doing this, which motivated me throughout. She was there for us during the two weeks and always had great advice. It’s been as much a revolution for our son as it has for us!!

    Zeva, mom of a 13-month old
  • I reached out to Hadley because my daughter was waking up multiple times overnight and not taking very long naps. Throughout our work together, Hadley had flexible responses to different issues and always found creative solutions if the situation wasn’t black-and-white. I really liked having the online sleep log so that she could give feedback on sleep patterns and answer questions in real time. Today, my daughter follows a more structured sleep schedule and is able to self-soothe. I feel like I have more tools to make decisions about what is best for my daughter and for her sleep. Overall, I feel more confident and she is much happier.

    Lisa, mom of an 11-month old
    North Carolina


  • We were barely getting any sleep when we contacted Hadley. Sleep deprivation is no joke! In just one week, we’ve made huge progress towards our three goals: bedtime is a breeze, the boys have been self-soothing overnight better than I remember them doing in the past, and we’re working to push wake-ups back to a reasonable hour. I really appreciated how Hadley phrased feedback as positives to validate what we were doing right. I also really liked her straightforward way of talking about babies, kids and sleep. She’s funny! It really helps to keep your sense of humor when you’re sleep-deprived. I now feel like I have more control of my evenings and nights again and am not a total zombie anymore

    Kirsten, mom of 2-year old twins
  • When we started, our twins had short nights with a lot of interruptions. They fell asleep late (with a parent staying in the room–sometimes for over an hour!) and woke up at 5am for a bottle. On top of this, our son woke up 2-5 times during the night calling for us. Everyone was tired in our family!

    Working with Hadley changed everything. Her advice gave us a lot of confidence to change these bad sleeping habits. We really appreciated her very flexible approach: she customized her program according to our parenting style, as we did not want to let our kids cry too much. Six weeks later, the twins are falling asleep alone and sleeping through the night!

    Helen, mom of 2.5-year old twins
  • I contacted Hadley because my twins were waking each other all night and couldn’t share a room. We were exhausted. Throughout our work together, Hadley was always available and ready to help with questions. After two weeks, we’ve met our family sleep goals and the change has been incredible! The twins have positive sleep associations, they sleep through the night and are happy sharing a room with each other. Monumental changes! My husband and I can finally enjoy spend some time together at night and go to bed without worrying that we’ll have to wake up in the middle of the night to separate the twins. It’s been a revolution!

    Azi, mom of 10-month old twins

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