Working with Hadley was such a breath of fresh air.
It’s great to feel like someone has your back.

Hi! I’m Hadley.

I’m a certified sleep consultant who works with exhausted parents to get their child’s sleep back on track.

I wasn’t always obsessed with sleep. In fact, before my son was born, I didn’t think about it very often. But, as you probably know, babies change everything. From Day 1, my son has alternated between being an amazing and a terrible sleeper. We quickly came to the conclusion that our family needs sleep to function. So we got serious about it.

Empowered by the success we had with our son’s sleep, I wanted to spread the joy. I completed the Family Sleep Institute’s 250-hour professional training course and founded Bonne Nuit Baby with one mission: to help families to get more sleep.

Based in New York City, I work with families throughout the United States and Europe. My articles have been featured in Modern Parents Messy Kids,  Well Rounded and Mother, amongst others.

When I’m not obsessing over sleep, you can find me indulging in crime novels, fresh croissants, and the occasional Netflix binge.

Are you living in survival mode?

I can help to solve your child’s sleep issues within a week or two. (This means more rest for your little one and some much-needed “me” time for you!). Let’s chat!

As featured in

Certifications & Professional Trainings

Certified Sleep Consultant (Family Sleep Institute – 250 hours of training)

“Lactation Management Basics”
“Reducing the Risk of SIDS in Early Education and Daycare”
“Early Brain and Child Development: Challenging Behavior in Preschoolers”
“Child Care and Sleep Safety”
“Babies in Mind: Why the Parent’s Mind Matters”
“Common Breastfeeding Myths as Applied to Sleep”
“Managing Perinatal Depression”

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